Nagano 2 Days Summer Itinerary: A Super Efficient Guide

Nagano is in the center of Japan. As it boasts excellent access, including expressways, Shinkansen and existing rail lines that run in all directions, it is easy for tourist that traveling from Tokyo to Nagano.
This time, we would like to share a travelling plan for you that start from Tokyo station to Nagano area. Let's take a look and you might surprised.

Day 1: Karuizawa Station /Sora Terrace /Yudanaka Shibu Onsen

9:00 Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza

3-minute walk from the south exit of Hokuriku Shinkansen Karuizawa Station.

"Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza"ー which is the Japan's largest outlet mall with about 240 shops. This shopping mall has a resort like atmosphere characterized by it's feeling of luxury while you enjoy your shopping.

13:30 Sora Terrace

Car: Joshinetsu Expressway, approximately 30 minutes from Shinshu Nakano IC
Train: Nagano Electric Railway to Yudanaka station
*Free shuttle bus service from Shinshu Yudanaka Station

"Sora Terrace"ー which is a famous "Unkai"( sea of clouds) tourist spot.

At Ryuoo’s Sora terrace, you can take a 166-person-capacity ropeway to the top of the mountain and enjoy views of the valley from 1,770 meters high. Under the right conditions, you can see a miraculous phenomenon called unkai, seas of clouds that cover the valley!

One of the largest ropeway in the world which is able to take 166-person to the top of mountain in once.

"Sora Terrace Cafe"ー You may enjoy your relaxing cafe time at the luxurious cafe restaurant above the clouds.


19:30 Yudanaka Shibu Obuse

Train: Yudanaka Station
*Free shuttle bus service from Ryuoo Mountain Resort

The famous inn in Shibu Onsen called “Kanaguya” looks exactly like the "Aburaya" that appears in “Spirited Away”, the Japanese animated fantasy film written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki.

The number of public baths in the "Yudanaka Shibu Onsen" is the second largest in Japan.

Day 2: Snow Monkey/Obuse/Zenkoji/Nagano Station

9:00 Snow Monkey Park

The Kanbayashi Line and Shiga Kogen Line head to stops nearby the monkey park from Yudanaka Station, and it takes around 8 minutes.

The monkeys at "Snow Monkey Park" are used to people. You can freely observe the monkeys walking around that you would normally not be able to get close to.

13:00 Obuse

12-minute walk from Obuse Station.
Yudanaka Station to Obuse Station is taking around 38 minutes.

"Obuse" is a small but historic town famous for its chestnut confectioneries, 'miso' and 'sake' breweries, and the Hokusai-kan Museum.

16:00 Zenkoji Temple

12-minute walk from Zenkoji-shita Station.
Obuse Station to Zenkoji-shita Station is taking around 30 minutes.

"Zenkoji Temple" was built at1,400 years ago, and has been visited by people from all over the country since the Heian period as a famous temple.

18:00 Nagano Station

20-minute walk from Zenkoji-shita Station to Nagano Station.
Also, you can take the train or the bus to get to the Nagano Station as well.

"Nagano Station"ー is an important transport hub for many popular tourist destinations. Also, having lots of grocery stores and delicatessen stores are lined up inside the building. Suggest you can have a look while waiting the train to your next destination.

Last but not least・・・

Nagano prefecture is a great tourist spot! Let's come to visit Nagano prefecture and we are looking forward to see you!