Green season is going to be start from 27/4!

If you are planning to travel in Nagano prefecture, "Ryuoo Mountain Resort" will be a perfect place which is located at Yamanouchi, Nagano prefecture.
As the green season is going to be start on Saturday, April 27, 2024. We would like to share more information about our resort, which is including "Sora Terrace", "Sora Terrace cafe" and "Sora Glamping Resort"!

The largest ropeway in the world

You can experience the world's largest 166-seater ropeway and enjoy the spectacular scenery below for 10 minutes from the down station at an altitude of 980 meters to the summit station at 1,770 meters, the top of the mountain.
Also, dogs are allowed for the ropeway ride. Let's take your doggy to enjoy the greatest view at Sora Terrace together!

Sora Terrace (The mountain top area)

"Sora Terrace" is located at an altitude of 1,770m, the top of mountain area. It is offering a great view overlooking Nagano City, Nakano City, Iiyama City, and Kijimadaira Village. If the weather conditions are available, you might see a fantastic sea of ​​clouds!

Sea of ​​clouds usually occur in the evening

While the temperature difference from daytime, that's making sea of ​​clouds at Sora Terrace mostly occur in the evening. That is a spot where you can see the sea of ​​clouds illuminated by the orange sunset in front of the Northern Alps.

Even if it is cloudy, there are times you might see a beautiful sea of ​​clouds at Sora Terrace.
Due to rainfall, the ground stores a lot of moisture, and when the rain stops and the sky clears up, the temperature drops due to radiation cooling, and the water vapor in the air cools, causing fog (clouds) to accumulate in the basin, which can be seen from the sky as a sea of ​​clouds.

Sora Terrace cafe

You'll find Sora Terrace, after arriving the Ropeway station. You may enjoy your relaxing cafe time at the luxurious cafe restaurant above the clouds.

Recommended menu

"Cream Soup"

We strongly recommend you should try the cream soup, which resembling the "sea of clouds." The soup is topped with a crusted pie and served with a small salad.

"Sora Coffee"

Pair your meal with a cup of Sora Coffee, featuring an adorable cloud-shaped marshmallow. Watching it melts, creating a miniature version of the “sea of clouds” phenomenon inside your mug.

Sora Terrace Morning

"Sora Terrace breakfast box"

"Sora Terrace morning" is a plan that includes a round-trip ropeway ticket and breakfast at Sora Terrace.
You can go to Sora Terrace earlier than others and enjoy a special breakfast meal.


Sora Glamping Resort

You can also stay overnight at Ryuoo Mountain Resort!
"Sora Glamping Resort", which is one of the largest glamping facilities in Nagano Prefecture. It has 14 popular dome tents, including the suite-style Unkai Cabin.
The dome tent is built on the slope of a ski slope that receives over 2 meters of snow in winter! It was specially created by cutting the slope into terraced fields. It's a great location that you can only experience here.

Guests can enjoy the ropeway ride that connects to Sora Terrace during their stay!


Enjoying the starts night

If you look up to the sky, you can see countless twinkling stars.

Perfect dog friendly staycation

You can enjoy glamping with your pets. Special meals are prepared for visiting dogs.

More Information

April 27, 2024 (Sat) to November 4, 2024 (Mon)
*Close on 27/5(Mon)~31/5 (Friday), 3/6 (Mon)~7/6 (Fri), 2/9(Mon)~ 6/9(Fri)

・Business hours
Ropeway: Running in every 20 minutes
*9:00-18:00 after October 7th

・Ticket price (round trip ticket)
Adults (12 years old~) ¥2,400 ~
Children(4~12years old) ¥1,200 ~
Pet ¥500

Car: Joshinetsu Expressway, approximately 30 minutes from Shinshu Nakano IC
Train: Nagano Electric Railway
*Free shuttle bus service from Shinshu Yudanaka Station

Last but not least...

Let's enjoy Ryuoo Mountain resort with your loved one and we're looking forward to see you!