“SORA terrace sightseeing with snowy buggy cruise” are going to start!

SORA terrace which is building on a steep slope at an altitude of 1770m, is famous for its spectacular views. It is also an extraordinary sightseeing spot where you can encounter a sea of clouds depending on the weather conditions. Even if you don't ski or snowboard, you can enjoy the spectacular winter scenery by using "SORA terrace sightseeing with snowy mountain buggy cruise" ♪

What is “SORA terrace sightseeing with snowy buggy cruise”?

“SORA terrace sightseeing with snowy buggy cruise” is including a snow buggy ride experience, a ride on the world's largest ropeway, and you are able to visit ‘’SORA Terrace’’ in winter. You can go to SORA terrace without having to wear skis or snowboards.

Information of “SORA terrace sightseeing with snowy buggy cruise”

It takes about 10 minutes to ride a snow buggy which is driven by our staff, from the information center to Ropeway down Station. You can enjoy the view of snows while passing through the different roads with the normal cars.

Once you arrive at the down station, it's time to transfer to the ropeway.

The largest ropeway in the world

You can experience the world's largest 166-seater ropeway and enjoy the spectacular scenery below for 10 minutes from the down station at an altitude of 980 meters to the summit station at 1,770 meters, the top of the mountain.

Enjoy the views from SORA terrace (The mountaintop area)

SORA terrace is right beside you after arriving at the mountaintop area. You can enjoy the beautiful snowy landscape created by Nagano's magnificent nature, and sometimes the spectacular view all the way to the Sea of Japan from SORA terrace.

Attractive points of SORA terrace cafe

We offering different type of seats. Sofa spaces and table seats for groups customers, and counter seats perfect for individuals or couples.

Popular menu

A creamy soup that looks like a sea of clouds is wrapped in a crispy pie. This is the perfect soup to warm up your cold body.

‘’SORA Coffee'' is a drink set that includes SORA terrace's original blend of hot coffee and cloud-shaped marshmallow ‘’Unkai Marshmallow.'' If you float ‘’Unkai Marshmallow'' in your coffee just before drinking, the marshmallow will melt and a small sea of clouds will spread inside your cup.

Come and dress warmly!

You can rent snow boots and wears at Ryuoo Spicy Rental!

Although you can go to SORA terrace without skis/snowboards, please dressed up warmly! Thick jackets, down jackets, knit hats, gloves, scarves will be good options.
Since Ryuoo is a ski resort, walking on the snow in high heels or sneakers will be extremely difficult, snow boots will be your great choice.

RENTAL’s information

Information of "SORA terrace sightseeing with snowy mountain buggy cruise"

SORA terrace is right next to the ropeway mountaintop station. Including the time spending at SORA terrace, the whole trip is cost around 1.5 to 2 hours.

Date:2023/12/28~2024/3/24 ※subject to change
Opening time:9:00~15:30 *Snow buggy’s running time
Closing days:Wednesday & Thursday ( except 14/2~15/2 & 20/3 )
Ticket counter:INFORMATION center 2F
Price:Adult(12 years old~) ¥4,000
Children(4years old~12 years old)¥2,000
*Includes buggy experience and ropeway round trip tickets.
*A security deposit of ¥500 will be required for the IC card. (Cash only)
*Please note that applications will only be accepted at the counter on the day.
*Business hours may change depending on the weather. The tour might be canceled because of the stormy weather.

Last but not least..

How about enjoying the winter scenery on SORA terrace with your family and friends without skiing/snowboarding! We’re look forward to seeing you!